Max. 8 persons
Pets are only allowed on the terrace


Group reservation

A company of maximum 12 people can choose their own meals from our main menu card or suggestion menu. 

If you wish to make reservations for a party of 12 people to maximum 30 people, the group conditions are applicable. 

There are no specific group menus, so it is necessary to choose beforehand from our main menu card or suggestion menu which is served at that time.

As host, you can choose one menu for the entire party or make a which your guests can choose at that time. 

On request we can also provide you personalised menu cards for on the table. 

On Friday and Saturday evenings, we accept 1 group reservation on the Mezzanine, thus for a maximum of 22 people. You can, if you wish, accompany your meal by one of our main drink formulas, which you will find under the link THE MENU CARD.


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